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    A Letter From Death Row Soundtrack CD. **Once they're gone they're gone. This item is out of print.**

    Track Listing:
    Party Rock Band (featuring C.C. DeVille)
    Human Zoo
    The Last Breath (featuring Rikki Rockett)
    I'd Die For You (featuring Randy Castillo)
    Times Like These
    Little Willy
    The Devil Inside
    A Letter From Death Row
    Sounds Of Sex* (featuring The Hines Bros.)
    Angst Mary
    Steel Bar Blues
    Violent Endings

    Production Information:
    All songs written and produced by Bret Michaels.
    Co-produced by Jim Faraci.
    * Produced by Bret Michaels and The Hines Bros.
    © 1998 Poorboy Records Inc

    Drums: Matt Green, Matt Mahaffey, Randy Castillo, Rikki Rockett
    Bass: Don Kerce, Mike Mahaffey, Andra Hines
    Guitar: Greg Foresman, Bret Michaels, Dez Dickerson, Mike Mahaffey, Travis Henson, Gabriel Moses, C.C. DeVille, Bart Walsh, Christy Calabro
    Lead Vocals: (Guitars, Harmonica, Hand claps, Foot stomps & all Lip-induced percussion) Bret Michaels
    Background Vocals: Jody Nardone, Larry O'Brien, Chris Connell, Kyle Level, Lorenzo Pryor, The almost all girl Alan Ett Choir, Teddy Bear
    Piano: Jody Nardone, Lorenzo Pryor, Kyle Level
    Drum Programming & Sequencing: Jim Faraci, Byron Gather, Lorenzo Pryor