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    Ballads, Blues & Stories CD - Available only from BMIFC/

    Track Listing:

    Every Rose Has It's Thorn - story

    Every Rose Has It's Thorn

    Steel Bar Blues - story

    Steel Bar Blues

    Walk Away - story

    Walk Away

    Devil Inside - story

    Devil Inside

    Stay With Me - story

    Stay With Me

    Something to Believe In - story

    Something to Believe In

    Times Like These - story

    Times Like These

    It's Only Me Your Talking To - story

    It's Only Me Your Talking To

    The Other Side of Me - story

    The Other Side of Me

    The Last Breath - story

    The Last Breath

    Production Information:

    Produced by Bret Michaels

    Co-produced by Jim Faraci & Cliff Calabro

    Recorded and mixed by: Jim Faraci, Cliff Calabro, Charlie Brocco, Kevin Szymanski, Terri Becker

    © 2001 Poorboy Records


    Drums: Matt Green, Mike Mahaffey, Rikki Rockett

    Bass: Christy Calabro, Don Kerce, Mike Mahaffey

    Guitar: Greg Foresman, Bret Michaels, Dez Dickerson, Mike Mahaffey, Travis Henson, Gabriel Moses, Bart Walsh, Christy Calabro, Cliff Calabro

    Lead Vocals: Bret Michaels

    Backing Vocals: Cliff Calabro, Jody Nardone, Larry O'Brien, Kyle Level, Christy Calabro, Chris Connell, Gary Baker, Frank Myers

    Piano: Jody Nardone, Kyle Level

    Drum Programming and Sequencing: Jim Faraci, Byron Gaither