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Have Bret Michaels wish your loved ones and friends well, Happy Birthday or just say hello with a digital video greeting.

For a limited time order a personal greeting emailed from Bret Michaels to you or your recipient. Include your recipient's name and e-mail address and your message of 300 characters or less. Please include pronunciation of the recipient's name where applicable. See the specifications tab for more information.

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Available for a limited time only.

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  • File delivered will be a universal codec, playable on computer or phone. 
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  • Available for a limited time.
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Each greeting will include a limited license for personal use of digital greetings.

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Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

Extremely genuine and heartfelt!

Today my daughter surprised my sister, Laurie, with a birthday greeting by Bret and I have to say——OMG...I have never felt such joy watching my sister’s emotionally response at a time when we are all dealing with so much difficulty in our world! My sister is a HUGE fan so it really meant a lot to her! Especially since she lives alone and during this pandemic she is isolated except for work. His greeting was sooo heartfelt and personalized —not just a quick “Happy Birthday”. She was so touched by his kindness and she cried and said it was THE BEST Birthday EVER!! I cried too! I’m sooo appreciative to Bret Michaels for this incredible way to show your fans some LOVE!! You rock!!! Thanks a million!!! Sending you a big hug!!??


Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! This was amazing ????????

Digital Greeting for my wife's birthday

This was the coolest thing ever for my wife's birthday. She got sooo excited when Bret said her name. (2xs) It really made her birthday special. Thank You Bret, you really are the coolest guy going.

Sylvania, Ohio

This is awesome

Thank you very much for your greeting and congratulating me on my sobriety (4-15-93), IRONMAN competitions and the work I have done with Racing for Recovery since 2001. I have admired and appreciated you since 1986 and have enjoyed meeting you several times over the years. I also am honored to have your music in my first movie ADDICT. You are a good egg.

Smithtown, NY

Just Awesone!

I purchased a Digital Greeting for my wife for Mother’s Day. Let me tell you that when she opened up the greeting she almost spit her tea out! She couldn’t believe it. She is a huge Bret Michaels fan and she says this was the best gift ever. Bret does not disappoint. I highly recommend to all Bret fans out there! Thank you Bret for making this her best Mother’s Day ever!