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Have Bret Michaels wish your loved ones and friends well, Happy Birthday or just say hello with a digital video greeting.

For a limited time order a personal greeting emailed from Bret Michaels to you or your recipient. Include your recipient's name and e-mail address and your message of 200 characters or less. Please include pronunciation of the recipient's name where applicable. See the specifications tab for more information.

*****E-mail all other questions BEFORE ordering*****

Available for a limited time only.

  • No physical goods are shipped.
  • Greeting will be sent via a link to the recipient's e-mail address. The purchaser also receives a copy of the greeting.
  • For a requested date-specific delivery, we ask that the purchaser list themselves as the recipient so they can forward it on the day they wish it to be delivered. Otherwise, all greetings are delivered on completion.
  • Greetings will be sent with the subject of "Bret Michaels Digital Greeting from BMB Poor Boy Records Online Store" Downloads are available for a limited period of time.
  • Greetings should be downloaded on a computer or other device and saved. 
  • The provided download links will expire after the designated period of time.
  • Maximum message is 200 characters.
  • File delivered will be a universal codec, playable on computer or phone. 
  • Bret's schedule could cause delays in delivering greetings, please order well in advance of date specific needs.
  • This product's delivery falls outside of physical goods shipping policies.
  • This item is for the personal use of the recipient/purchaser and may not be broadcast, licensed, distributed, or sold to any third party.
  • Greetings cannot include any endorsements or product placements of any kind.
  • Songs/Music cannot be included in any greeting at this time.
  • Message may be edited for time and content.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders at our discretion.
  • Quantities are limited.
  • Available for a limited time.
  • No refunds will be given once greeting has been delivered and claimed.

Each greeting will include a limited license for personal use of digital greetings.

Please note that greetings from Bret Michaels are ONLY available for sale on this site - Links from other official Bret Michaels web sites include, and official verified social accounts listed at

If you have any questions about the authenticity of a Bret Michaels Greeting, please reach out to us with your concerns.

Overall Customer Rating of 15 Reviews:
Ivins, UT

Best Gift EVER!

My husband gave me this for Valentine's Day this year! OMG! It is the most amazing gift I think I have ever received. Thank you, Bret, for doing this. Made my year! SO AWESOME!!

Digital Greeting

  • Personable
  • Sound was great
  • Picture was amazing
  • None
My BFF Krystal purchased this for me for Christmas. Bret did such an amazing and awesome job make it personal to me and her. I will never forget the feeling and excitement when it popped in my email. I watch it at least once a day. Thank you again Bret, oh you look amazing by the way.

Rocked my day

Bret, the digital greeting you sent me was spectacular. It brightened up my day. I haven’t had a smile on my face like this in a very long time. Thank you very much. Jen


This was a perfect and exclusive Christmas present for our Best Friend

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our best friend of 30 years and self-proclaimed #1 fan of Bret Michaels was in absolute awe when she received her personal greeting for Christmas 2020. She loved hearing her name and Bret's message was just perfect. She will always remember this gift and we are so appreciative for the opportunity. Bret, you and your staff totally ROCK OUR WORLD!!

Christmas gift

I requested the video for my wife as a Christmas gift. Bret made it fun and personal. I highly recommend this for anyone that's a fan.