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100 mL  3.4 oz Bottle
Cologne for Men
Comes boxed

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Make your perimeter excite and ignite the senses. An exhilarating scent with a mysterious kicker...leading to sexy results!

Let your reputation of smell good precede you, get the cologne that both men and women love.

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    I buy the cologne for my husband! I love it on him, and it smells Sexy! It’s not overpowering like some colognes out there! The smell is so nice! Please, Never Discontinue this cologne it would break my heart 💔!

    Love it!

    This is absolutely the best smelling cologne!

    Roses & Thorns

    I have had nothing but great comments from people who can smell when I wear this! I even had a straight man tell me that I smelled good so I told him what it was and where to get it. Women love it!