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    With over 25 years in the entertainment business, Bret Michaels has spent most of his life depending on his vocal
    chords in one way or another. With over 30 million records sold, he is best known as a singer and frontman; but
    what many may never take into consideration is the hours of morning radio shows, countless TV interviews, and
    endless meetings that are included with being a success in the industry.

    In recent years we have also seen Michaels win over a whole new audience in reality TV with his smash hit series
    “Rock Of Love.” From there, he went on to show his business savvy by winning “Celebrity Apprentice,” and then
    open the doors to his extremely private family life with his second Vh1 hit, “Life As I Know It.” All of this has
    led to Michaels also engaging in many public speaking events where he discusses his success in business, his
    health, and his life-long battle with diabetes. All of these things can take a toll on the throat and test the stamina
    of the vocal cords.

    To be a professional in any field, the first thing you have to do is take care of your tools. It's in this spirit that Bret
    Michaels has created The Vocalizer a series of explanations and exercises to help you expand and maintain your
    vocal abilities. Whether you're a karaoke singer, public speaker, radio DJ, or Rock Star, there's something in The
    Vocalizer for everyone. e singing exercises are divided into four sections: Bass, Tenor, Alto, and Soprano, and
    range from non-pitch-specific warm-ups to interval-based singing exercises.

    If you use your voice professionally in any way, The Vocalizer puts a fun twist on what is the necessary (yet
    oft-avoided) task of warming up properly. Michaels’ ever-charismatic personality shines through as he guides you
    through tales of wisdom and woe that brought him to the forefront of pop culture today. Check out Bret
    Michaels' The Vocalizer and start working on a stronger, more consistent vocal performance today!