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I have been a fan of Poison, especially Bret since 1987. My first concert was Poison and my last concert was BMB! I had the honor of meeting Bret for the first time on 3/16/2019. I won't lie. I cried. Bret was so caring and so easy to talk to. I have a video of the first time we met and asked by management not to show on social media,etc. I have always kept my promise. Bret said he was in the weight loss battle with me and the day after we met, I went to the gym and hired a personal trainer! I dropped a lot of weight and met up with Bret again in August 2019. I was lucky enough that Bret asked me to stay for a few to give me a proper goodbye. He said he still with me in my weight loss goals. Since 2019 I have endured four surgeries. Two meniscus surgeries that didn't work so this past March 2021, I had a partial knee replacement. March 2020 was surgery on my shoulder for a bicep tendon tear and a rotator cuff tear. These were all injuries sustained at the gym, lol. Then Covid hit. I have gained some weight back,but never forgot where I started and where I will end up! Bret gave me confidence to believe in myself again and I am more ready than ever to tackle my goals! Bret never gave up! He's given me the inspiration to never give up! I love him so much! Bret, if you see this, you are my hero!
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