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    Freedom of Sound is a blending of the musical styles that make up Bret Michaels.

    Track Listing:
    Rock 'n My Country
    Open Road
    All I Ever Needed
    New Breed of American Cowboy
    Right Now, Right Here
    Lookin' for a Good Time
    It's All Good
    Every Rose "Country Version"

    Bittersweet (Songs Of Life)
    Raine w/Edwin McCain (Songs Of Life)
    Menace To Society (Songs Of Life)
    Walk Away (Ballads Blues & Stories)
    Something To Believe In (Ballads Blues & Stories)
    Future Ex-Wife (Country Demos)
    The One You Get (Country Demos)
    Human Zoo (A Letter From Death Row)
    Last Breath (A Letter From Death Row)
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