TrueFire Presents the Bret Michaels Learn to Play in 21 Days Guitar Method with Tourials from Ravi.

A Hands-On Interactive TrueFire Video Course.
Interactive Video Software DATA DVD (Windows/MAC)

TrueFire's Interactive Learning System:

TrueFire's interactive video courses are presented through TrueFire's multimedia lesson player and are packaged on a Data-DVD disk for Windows and Mac computers (will NOT play on a DVD player). For optimal video quality and performance, copy the contents to your hard drive.

TrueFire's interactive video courses feature a variety of controls, materials and tools to accelerate the learning process. Depending on the curriculum, the course may include PIP (picture-in-picture), full screen video, lopping, slow motion, tuner, metronome, text guides, charts, standard notation, tab and Power Tab, so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation being played out at any speed without change of pitch.

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